What to Consider When Selling Your Property

What to Consider When Selling Your PropertyWhen you want to give your property the best chance of selling, then it is advisable to make a plan of action and think about what factors will help to sell it before putting it onto the property market. Here are a few pointers on matters to consider to help you make that sale.


Pricing your property is an obvious one as buyers are typically looking for a good deal on a property. Your estate agent will give you a selling price based on what they know your property is worth, its condition, location and any additional features such as an en-suite bathroom or a large garden. It is always a sensible idea to do your own homework. Many websites will give you the details of sold properties in your area that you can benchmark prices against your own property. This way you will get a better idea of the value your home has and also the price is can realistically achieve.


The condition of your property is key to think about. A property that has been well maintained and decorated will always achieve a higher price and sell faster than a property that is not maintained and is in a dilapidated condition. In order to achieve a good price, carry out any maintenance and house jobs that require fixing. If your property hasn’t been decorated and needs a refresh, then it will be beneficial to update and refresh your home to make it look brighter and more appealing to potential buyers. If you have to pay a builder or decorator to carry out the work remember that you will eventually recoup the money through your property sale.

Your next move

Considering where you want to move next isn’t always an apparent thing to do. If you need to rent or intend to buy another property you will need to prepared and have a good idea of what type of property you want to move onto as you will need to act fast when your property goes under offer. There will be many houses for sale on the market so it is wise to do some research on the properties you are interested in and the location you want to move to prior to selling your own home.

Best features

Decide what your property’s best features are and when you have viewings make sure that you mention these to prospective buyers as you show them around your property. If you have had a new boiler fitted or a brand new roof then inform them. If the garden offers some special feature or you have a Jacuzzi bath or integrated appliances in the kitchen, make sure you sell in the best features of your property. If estate agents are taking the viewings then ask them to inform potential buyers of the best features that are in your home.


Another important reason for people to buy a property is the location it is in. So do some research about your location and the benefits of living in your particular area. There may be buyers who have a young family and who are looking for a home with good schools and colleges that are close. Even if you don’t have children at school, learn about schooling facilities so you can give the information that will interest buyers. You can also do research and give information on local amenities such as libraries, parks, leisure and entertainment facilities.