Top 5 Things in the List of Renter’s Regrets

Top 5 Things in the List of Renter's RegretsSome renters or tenants encountered problems with the house they are living. Out of these problems come their common regrets. Compiled herewith are the top 5 thing which can be common in the list of renter’s regrets.

They wish they just bought a house instead of renting.

This is probably the most common regret of renters. A lot of renters will probably think that it is more convenient and thriftier to rent a house than to buy their own. This may stem from a variety of problems that they encounter such as unfair landlords, unsolved complaints, and high rental fees.

They think it’s better if it’s a larger house they rented.

It is always good to consider future possibilities that can occur within your family. At first, many renters think that a small house is fit for a family of three. But this is a condition which suits best a family that will not grow anymore. A newly established family with parents both in their late 20s or early 30s should consider renting a larger house. Within a span of 10 years, it is possible for them to produce two to three offspring.

They feel it’s much better if they have more financial stability.

Renting a house is financially-draining if what’s coming in within your family is just enough for daily needs. But there are other things to consider such as education, healthcare, and emergency needs. Many renters find it difficult to manage finances because a lot of them technically spent their salaries even before the payday comes. They end up worrying about their house rental and utility bills. It is advised to analyze your financial capabilities than to end up being evicted from your rented place. It is also good if you would have sidelines, part time jobs, or small income-generating tasks to help you pay for the monthly rent.

They agreed that it could have been wiser if more information about the house for rent was obtained.

Many tenants are surprised by problems that surface one after another. First it could be leaking faucets. Then, it could be noisy neighbors. Then, it could be distant from places of immediate needs and services. When renting a house, one should not rely on photos alone. Remember that in these days of digital technology, editing can be easily done. Obtain first-hand information by visiting the house for rent. When possible, talk to the last tenant before you as to why they have left the place.

They think it’s better if they had chosen a house that is near major roads.

Many renters are also in consensus about the great dismay of having to commute long distances to and from work. The location of the house they rented affects their travel time. They believe it could have been better if the house they rented were near their work places.