The Neighbors

The NeighborsHow does the saying go? Yes, neighborly love, that’s it. Or is it brotherly love? It doesn’t matter. Most of the time, neighbors get along with each other and there aren’t any problems. Some people are made for apartment life, they like the close proximity of others. For others, it’s not quite as enjoyable. The fact people are so close to each other can of course exasperate certain situations if they are left unresolved. Some people are too shy to complain of a situation they disagree with, and let the problem persist until it gets worse.

The fact that modern rental buildings are built to standards and have insulation between apartment walls does not make them isolated to noise from music systems, loud home theatre installations or the neighbor’s kids running around with their shoes on. The problem is compounded in older constructions where very little noise insulation was installed and the walls are paper thin.

The consideration of others and accommodations made can go a long way towards alleviating stressful situations in apartment life. insuring noise levels are under control when others are trying to sleep goes a long way towards keeping the peace in the building. When having parties, be conscious of others. They might not be in a mood to have fun, especially if they need to get up early the next morning to go to work. At the very least, invite them to join the party. This way you’ll get to know them better. Making friends out of your next door neighbors is still the best way to get along.

Since apartment complexes have people with different habits and living schedules, including night workers who need to sleep during daylight hours, it’s everyone’s responsibility to accommodate others within reason. These arrangements are also the responsibility of those with unusual work schedules or living needs.

The important thing is that everyone do their best, keeping noise in check when possible. When problems arise, it’s best to discuss them, and the problems are usually solved without any bad feelings. One thing to remember however, the neighbor with the offbeat schedule needs to do his or her part. Buying earplugs to wear during the day as they go to bed is a sensible thing to do. Others are then free to go about their daily chores and business.

A little goes a long way sometimes. Relations between apartment dwellers can be civilized when all concerned show some ‘neighborly love’ and consideration.