Some Helpful Tips For Preparing Your Home For Sale

Some Helpful Tips For Preparing Your Home For SaleYou’ve made the big decision to sell the home. You’ve taken the plunge. Now the hard part begins, which is getting the home ready to sell. It’s a very critical step for ensuring you get your best price in a short period of time. So where do you begin? Let’s have a look from a buyer’s perspective:

Curb Appeal – Always work on that first impression. Clean up the garden, cut the grass, paint the garage door, paint your front door, and seal the driveway. Plant new flowers, trim the shrubs, plant a tree, and fix things that need repaired.

Dramatic Entrance – An inviting entrance is easily achieved by using neutral wall colors, new light fixtures, and freshly painted trim. You can make your foyers look larger by adding a new mirror. You also want to have your closets cleaned out as well.

Aim For Spacious And Uncluttered – You want your potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves actually living there, with their own furniture and belongings. This means you want to remove your family portraits and your ‘stuff’. It’s the same for your storage areas, your garage, any dark corners, and the basement and closets.

Traffic Flow – Get rid of furniture that helps to limit the flow of traffic through the home, or any that is too big for whatever space you put it in. If you need additional furniture, then try rearranging what you have first. You might even consider renting or borrowing furniture for complimenting certain spaces.

Let Sunlight In – Try letting in all the natural light you can. Open the drapes and the blinds, remove sheers, and cut and trim intrusive bushes.

Bright And Fresh – Go ahead and paint those dark hallways and rooms using bright neutral colors. Get rid of old outdated wallpaper and lay some paint on that trim. You don’t need to paint all your rooms, but try to look at things from the buyers point of view, and make corrections where you think they could have any negative reactions.

Eye Popping Accents – Get involved with creating a great ambiance, using new colors and placing lighting strategically. Be creative and artistic, and have fun with it. Fresh cut flowers are always a plus for accenting a space. Give each room a unique flavor of its own.

Engage in cleaning and de-cluttering, and in decorating. These are all vital parts of preparing a home for sale. The difference will show in the speed in which the home sells, as well as in your bank account.