Sharing a Kitchen With Your Roommate

Sharing a Kitchen With Your RoommateIf you’re living with a roommate then you may find that the kitchen is an easy area for disagreements to arise from. Everybody has their way of cleaning and specific items they like eating. If you’ve tried splitting the bill and creating a cleaning schedule but it hasn’t helped, your best bet may be to split up the kitchen. It may seem extreme but it may help make the living situation more bearable.

1) Designated Space – You should each define a space for perishable and non-perishable foods. Label the shelves or cupboards with the corresponding person’s name and do the same with the fridge. Agree that items are off limits to the other person and if you are in dire need and end up taking something, that you’ll replace it right away.

2) Share the Staples – It will make it a lot easier if you can share items such as milk, eggs, flour, condiments, etc. That way you can split costs and use the top shelf of the fridge for shared items. If that’s not an option, use tape and mark the fridge down the middle so you each get a side.

3) Separate Dishes – If every time you go to make a meal, all the dishes are dirty, it may be worth it to buy separate ones from the dollar store. You can each buy a specific color or pattern that will be identified as yours and make an agreement not to use the others. Do this with any items that are frequently used such as utensils, pots and pans.

4) Space Under the Sink – Keep a plastic bin under the sink where you both agree dirty dishes left in the sink will go if the other needs the space. This way you don’t have to worry about washing the others dishes and you both know where to find them if you had to rush out before cleaning.

5) Scheduled Cooking Time – If you both need elbow room or the oven when you’re cooking, make a schedule for when you can each have your designated time for cooking or baking. If they get home from work later than you, try to be out of the kitchen within 30 minutes of them getting home.

6) Schedule Cleaning – Even though you will both be responsible for cleaning your own dishes, there will still be household cleaning to be done each week. To avoid build up of grease on the stove and baked on food in the microwave, you should take turns doing a thorough cleaning of the kitchen each week and both agree to do your best to wipe up messes as they happen.