Selling Your House Faster – 3 Great Tips

Selling Your House Faster - 3 Great TipsSelling your home fast is very difficult in the current real estate market. I live in Loganville Georgia and a few years ago the average time to sell a home was four months, and now it is over eight months. This article will explain how to sell your home faster in a difficult market.

Tip 1 – Make sure you price your home properly. Most home sellers don’t realize that price sells homes. Even if your home is ugly, you can sell it if it is priced right. The best way to price your home is to get a home appraisal estimate from an experienced real estate agent who really knows your city and neighborhood. I recommend setting the price slightly less than the value of the home. This will bring in more buyers and hopefully more offers.

Tip 2 – Clean your home so that there are no visible signs of clutter or dirt. Also, make sure there aren’t any lingering smells. Have a neighbor come over and check your home for smells and cleanliness.

Tip 3 – Invest a little money in landscaping. Most people today will search the internet first before deciding to visit a home. They will look at pictures online. If the outside of the home doesn’t look appealing they will just skip over your home. It is amazing how a few plants, some pine straw and a little paint can change the appearance of a home.

These three tips can help you sell your home faster. Follow them and see how much more traffic you get.