Sell a Home Fast – The Top Ten Secrets of Selling Your House Quicker

Sell a Home Fast - The Top Ten Secrets of Selling Your House QuickerThere are some secrets to making a quick sale of your property. If everyone knew these not only would they not be secrets but also everybody would be doing them.

Use these secrets to gain an advantage on your competition. Every other house for sale in your area is your competition, and it has never been tougher.

Top Ten Secrets of a Quick Home Sale

Spend more money than you planned on cosmetic items to improve curb appeal. For example, spend a few hundred dollars on flowers and landscaping in the front of your home so it is by far the most beautiful front lawn in the area. Give all surfaces inside and out a fresh coat of high quality paint. On the interior clean every nook and cranny of your home so it is cleaner and smells fresher than ever before. Replace some carpeting if you need to. Put up signs all over the place. Most sellers put a sign on the front yard. You should put up a dozen signs with directional arrows at all major roads leading to your house. Print up and distribute 200 flyers about how great your home is. Put them on bulletin boards and in lobbies where you think your typical home buyer would see them. If you have a home good for young couples put the flyers in pediatrician offices, wedding related businesses, etc. Hire an internet marketing specialist who knows how to sell real estate online. Realtors don’t know all the ways to use the internet to find buyers but internet marketing experts do. There are dozens of directories, forums and free ad sites where you can list your home for sale. Hold an open house for buyers’ agents. If you want to pay an agent 3% to bring you a commission then call, write, fax or email all the Realtors in the area and have an open house just for them. You will make a lot of good contacts that way. Advertise in every possible place you can advertise that is either free or very cheap. There are dozens of print advertising options for you, and a similar number of online advertising places. Most home sellers don’t know about these. Drop your price below market. This will attract a lot of bids and you can make counteroffers to get the price back up where you want it. Finance the sale yourself. In today’s market seller-financing is like gold. If you need cash you can sell the mortgage note after you sell your house, for a slight discount. Invest in professional photographs of your home. These can be used in all internet listings for your home, and to create virtual tours. This is the #1 best way to get buyers’ attention and get more offers. Make your home available for showing at any time. Since most people restrict showing times, this will get you some extra interest for those people who have irregular schedules.

If you do all of these things you will be happy because your house will sell fast.