Renting With Pets

Renting With PetsFinding a rental property that will allow pets can sometimes be challenging. It requires patience and persuasion, but it is possible to persuade landlords to allow your pet.

The first step is to create a resume for your pet. This will help document not only your pets breeding, but general temperament and if they have been to obedience school. Mention your pet’s favorite activities and the health and grooming habits you maintain. When meeting with your potential landlord, be up front about the pet and present their resume and perhaps a photograph. Mention previous rentals you may have had that were a positive experience for the landlord. Arranging an introduction so the landlord may meet your pet can be a positive way to convince them.

Offering to sign a pet agreement can be a very persuasive thing for a landlord, as it may shield them from perceived legal or financial exposure. Offering to have your pet spayed or neutered may also be persuasive.

Once you are established in an apartment, be a responsible pet owner. Dispose of your animals waste, and plan well what your pet is going to do during times you are away so that they don’t get into trouble.

Once you have established a record as a good pet owning tenet, you may place this information on your pet’s resume. Your landlords may be willing to give you positive references to persuade future property owners to allow you and your friend to live together on their property.