Real Estate: A Sellers Market

Real Estate: A Sellers MarketPeople who are buying homes do not have an advantage during a seller’s market. They will have a lot more advantage during a buyer’s market, because the prices of homes are cheaper when there are more sellers than there are buyers. During a seller’s market, there are more buyers than there are homes being sold. This is how the law of supply and demand gets started. Sellers can charge exorbitant prices for their homes during a seller’s market. They are less willing to negotiate or budge on their prices because they know that if one person does not buy their home, another person will. During a buyer’s market, sellers are more desperate to sell their homes because the next interested buyer could be few and far between. A seller’s market is also advantageous to people who already own a home, and want to refinance their home. The price of their homes can rise during these times, which means they can take out equity to fix up their homes if the value of their home has been increased to over what the loan value for the home originally was.

There needs to be an equal balance during a seller’s market because some sellers and bank lenders can end up deflating the market if they are charging too much interest, or selling their homes for larger prices than what most people can afford. When home buyers want to buy a home during a seller’s market, their bid can hold a lot more weight if they have a pre approval letter readily available. A pre approval letter is from the bank of the home buyer’s choice that will lend them the money to buy the home. This letter is a guarantee that the home buyer is eligible for the loan, and is ready to buy. Even if another person bids a higher price on the home, the person with the pre approval letter is looked at more favorably because it is more of a guarantee that the seller can close on their home.

In a seller’s market, a person who is selling a home is a lot less likely to take an offer from someone who is too demanding. If a buyer is asking the seller to pay closing costs, the seller can deny the home to this buyer. Also, if the buyer is asking the seller to move out as soon as possible, without giving them sufficient notice first, this can also get them denied. During a buyer’s market, this type of tactic may work more readily when a seller is anxious to sell, but not during a seller’s market. Sellers are much more relaxed and less anxious to sell if they feel that they are selling to the wrong person.