Make Your Home Stand Above the Rest and Sell it at a Better Price!

Make Your Home Stand Above the Rest and Sell it at a Better Price!There is nothing like owning your own home. You make it feel comfortable for you and your family with pictures, furniture, pets and the like, but were you aware that things that make you feel at home and comfortable may just be the things that keep your home from selling quickly or selling at the price you desire.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to move everything out of your home before you place it on the market, but the proper staging of furniture and other items will in fact have a huge impact on how a prospective buyer views your home. So let me go through some items that I personally feel should be a priority on your things to do list before you place your home on the market. Remember your goal as a seller is to help your prospective buyers see themselves and all of their belongings in your home, so lets get started! Curb appeal: I can’t stress this enough, curb appeal can make or break a deal. Even if your homes interior is pristine, if the outside of your home does not look good this could end a buyers interest in your property before they even walk in the front door. Your goal here is to make an impression on your potential buyer as soon as they arrive and get out of their car to view your property. Have all shrubs and lawn groomed neatly. Add a few flowers for some color and a little pizazz. If the exterior of your home needs painted, then paint it! Nothing looks worse than a home with faded or peeling paint. Make sure windows are clean and window screens are free from holes and dirt. Any loose or cracked window caulk should be repaired. If you have a black top driveway, add a fresh coat of driveway sealer. If you have a concrete driveway, repair all cracks and make sure that all expansion seams are free of debris and weeds. Repair sidewalks of cracks and chips, and make sure that any weeds or grass are removed between seems and steps. Make sure gutters are free of debris. If you have a deck, power spray off any dirt or mildew and add a coat of fresh paint or stain. Interior: the interior of your home can be a difficult transition when selling your home. Keep in mind, you want the buyer to see themselves and their personal items in your home. Remove clutter in your rooms. What would be considered clutter? Family photos on walls, fireplace mantles loaded with trinkets, children’s toys, too much furniture in any one room. The idea here is to make your home neutral for the buyer. You want rooms to be roomy, bright and free of clutter. This may require you to even remove some of the furniture in your rooms or rearrange it to give the feeling of large spacious rooms. If you have not recently painted the interior then now is the time to add a coat of fresh paint. If you have chosen paint with bold colors and textures to suit your own personal tastes you need to take the time to paint using neutral colors. Clean your carpets and hardwood floors. Any carpets with stains that can not be removed should be replaced. If you have pets like I do, then you know that one huge turn off to prospective buyers is the odor of pets. DO NOT burn scented candles or incense to mask odors. Scented candles and incense throw up red flags to buyers that you are trying to mask odors or other potential problems. Fold towels neatly in the bathrooms, make that special fold on the toilet paper as well. Remove all items from kitchen counter tops, have a fresh bouquet of flowers on the kitchen counter instead. Here is a big one, and it may sound ridiculous, but be sure that all doors are squeak free when opening or closing.

Now some of these items on my list may seem to be a bit of overkill here, but keep in mind that you are attempting to place your property for sale against competing properties in the neighborhood or in your area. The idea is to make yours stand out in the buyers mind. These small inconveniences now could fetch you a better selling price and a quicker sale. Don’t give your potential buyers a reason to walk away without considering making an offer or leaving a favorable memory of your property.