Lease Breaking – Types Of Penalties

Lease Breaking - Types Of PenaltiesOften, there are many penalties specified for breaking a lease. These penalties are introduced just to prevent the tenants from breaking the lease. In case the tenant decides to break the lease, it is because of these penalties that the landlord gets the required compensation.

In fact, some areas in the US have implemented certain laws governing the way in which the breaking of the lease plays out. For instance, in some places, tenants are allowed to break a lease only if they have to move out for a job. Also, in the US military, people have special rights for lease termination.

Following are the two kinds of penalties that can be imposed in case of lease breaking:

O The tenant has to pay rent until the landlord finds a replacement. However, there are local laws according to which the landlords are required to make a sincere effort to find a replacement as soon as possible.

O The tenant can claim no right over the security deposit.

Either one or both of the above penalties can be specified for breaking a lease.

Here are some tips and guidelines that will help you in this case:

O Make sure that you have a clear idea about what have been specified in your case. You should also be aware of the rental laws in your area.

O You can gather more information from a legal aid office or the state department that handles housing issues. If you manage to convince them to let you out of your lease without any penalties, they will issue a ‘lease release form’ for you.

O In case you are penalized by the landlord, it is wise to follow the terms and conditions stated in the lease. If you fail to do so, a lawsuit against you can be filed by the landlord.