I’m Sorry Like Redfin We’re Not Taking Any New Business For Two Weeks! Not!

I'm Sorry Like Redfin We're Not Taking Any New Business For Two Weeks! Not!I must admit that when I first read about Redfin`s decision to stop taking new listings for two weeks

I thought it was a publicity stunt! Than I realized that Redfin was in fact very serious about their decision. In the scope of things Redfin preaches throughout their web site about “Customer Service'” they empathize how much they’re dedicated to helping the Buyer and Sellers! Well, I must be insane! It seems they’ve gotten too carried away with what we as Realtors do each and every day of the year!

Unlike Redfin, Florida List For Less Realty, Inc is opened each day from 9:00AM – 6:00PM and our telephones remain open until 9:00PM, our agents are expected to field calls, assist clients and show properties, regardless of the circumstances that’s the job requirement! Like Redfin, many of our agents have worked without a day off in weeks to insure that the clients come first. They knew that the Real Estate industry is seasonal in nature and our motto “The Customer comes first” does hold true! Most Realtors throughout the country feel the same way! I bet there are tons of you here that haven’t had a day off in weeks, nor are you planning one!

If one of our agents decides they want to take a day off, we allow them too, it’s their choice! We’re a team after all, so it’s “All for one, one for All”.

Reading the Redfin Blog and they`re decision to stop assisting the sellers whom they’ve marketed too doesn’t sit well for me and most Realtors!

It sure as heck doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy if I was a potential seller who was depending on a company to “Sell my Home”!

It’s their company and they’re policies but, could you imagine how you’re clients would feel if you told them that “You’re tired and have decided to stop taking listings” sorry we can’t be of any use to you! How does that make you feel as a buyer or seller!

What’s next telling the buyer that you’re Realtors are too tired showing property because they haven’t had a day off in a few weeks!?

Here’s the scenario that is playing in my head!

Me: I’m sorry Mr. Buyer, our agents are tired they’ve been working for weeks showing buyers like yourselves properties.

Prospective buyer: That’s great Scott, we’ll wait two weeks for you and your agents to recover! Go get some rest, we’ll be here when you get back!

I have a tremendous problem with a company that would allow this to happen! I do know that our company prohibits this sort of behavior, we consider it unprofessional. My message to anyone who wishes to sell their home is simple Florida List For Less is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year to serve you!

Call us when you’re ready to buy and sell! I promise we’ll be around to assist you!