How to Sell Your House For Free – Save the Sales Commission For Your Own Pocket

How to Sell Your House For Free - Save the Sales Commission For Your Own PocketMany families have purchased homes when the interest rates were low, but now that the economy has changed many of us can no longer afford to remain in the homes we purchased when times were good. If you were like me, you bought a home which was above what you could really afford; but because the rates were low we figured let’s go for it. But then it happened; the economy took a drop and the rates ballooned way above what we could afford. Now you’re thinking of how to sell your home for free so you don’t have to pay out those expensive real estate commissions.

If you are struggling to pay for a home which may soon go into foreclosure or if you simply can’t afford the mortgage, then you may need to sell your home fast. Waiting for a real estate agent to come around and convince you to sell at a price where he/she makes a commission and you lose your shirt is not the type of advice I am going to offer you. What I will be talking about is a way you can sell your home fast and avoid paying out ridiculous fees to do so. Yes, I’m talking about how to sell your home for free!

But first let’s talk about what you should avoid:

Tip 1: Fast talking real estate agents who take your listing and who you never see again for months to come. Their technique is to get your listing and wait for someone else to sell your home and collect the commission when the other agent sells your home. They have no reason to rush and because they have hundreds of clients they can afford to sit back and wait; even when you can’t.

Tip 2: Online services which list your home for a fee and say they have thousands of clients waiting to purchase your home with cash. Again they have thousands of clients who pay a monthly fee for listing their properties and this is how they make money. Expect for your credit card to be billed the monthly fee each and every month.

Tip 3: Do not try to sell your home with a “FOR SALE BY OWNER” sign. Come on folks, how long do you think it will take doing this on your own? An experienced real estate agent would normally takes 6 months to a year (if your lucky) to sell your home. Do you really think you will be able to sell it quicker with no knowledge of how this process works?