How To Sell Your Home For The Maximum Price In The Minimum Time, And With The Least Amount Of Hassle

How To Sell Your Home For The Maximum Price In The Minimum Time, And With The Least Amount Of HassleIf I were to ask you, “What’s the secret to selling your property for the maximum price and in the minimum time?” how would you reply?

Perhaps you said, “Sell it during a hot real estate market when the demand exceeds the supply.”

If you thought this or something similar, you’re right.

During a seller’s market, your house, townhouse, condo, or mansion will sell for a higher price and in a shorter period of time than it would during a buyer’s market.

But the important question is: Are you getting the best price and terms for it?

You probably answered, “I don’t know.”

Although it’s common for some properties to fetch above-asking prices during a hot real estate market, they still may not be the highest possible amounts.

Why? Because your home might not be receiving the maximum number of competing offers. If you had just one offer, especially if it’s been on the market for at least six months, you had little or even no leverage. So the price you got was lower than what you would have received if you had multiple offers.

Let’s say in a typical buyer’s market, you receive three to five inquiries a month on your property, and in a seller’s market, you get 10 to 15.

What if you could double or triple the number of showings to qualified buyers for your property no matter what the market conditions are?

You will get the best price and terms for it and selling it in the least amount of time.

If you aren’t convinced receiving the maximum number of competing offers for your property will result in the best price and the quickest sale, let me explain it to you this way:

If you’ve purchased a bicycle, a TV, a painting, or a car at a live or online auction such as eBay, you know the more people bid on an item, the higher the price will be.

The product will be sold for a higher price when there are five bidders than when there are just two. And it will obtain an even greater amount when there are 11 bidders rather than five. This is known as…

The Auction Effect! The same thing is true in real estate. Regardless of the market conditions in your area, whether it’s hot or depressed, the more competing offers you obtain for your property, the higher price it will receive and the faster it will sell. Let’s say you got three offers above the asking price and two other prospects were really interested in it. When these buyers found out there were already three offers for more than the asking price, and if they both wanted the house, they would make the best offers they could afford, which may be greater than the current highest price and without any contingencies.

This action might cause the other three bidders to increase their prices as well, creating a bidding war.

Now let’s assume, instead of getting just three offers above the asking price, you received seven. The new buyers’ agents would then advise their clients to bid the highest amounts they could afford and to offer the best terms in order to have a chance of winning. The More People Participate In The Bidding War, The Greater The Price And The More Appealing The Terms Will Be! By creating an online environment where as many potential buyers as possible can learn about your property in detail at their convenience, you’ll produce the auction effect that will compel the largest number of them to bid. You may be saying:

“Your example is a fantasy. My city has been in a buyer’s market for more than two years. One of my friends has been trying to sell his house for almost a year and he hasn’t received two offers even though his price is below market value.”

If you thought that or something similar, I understand why you’re skeptical. The great news for you is, although your area is in a buyer’s market right now, after you learn how to produce the maximum competing offers for your property, you’ll attain the highest price, the best terms, and the quickest sale regardless of market conditions. Think about the last home you sold, either by yourself or through an agent.

How many offers did it receive?




Imagine what the price could have been if you had gotten double, triple, or quadruple the number of bids?

Picture how much extra money you could have made if you (or the agent you hired) knew how to generate the maximum offers for your house, townhouse, condo, or mansion.

While it’s hard for you to believe you really can sell your property for the maximum price and in the minimum time, especially if it has been on the market for at least six months, after reading the articles in this series, you’ll discover how to achieve this goal faster and easier than you can imagine.

Whether you’re selling your property on your own or with the help of an agent, you’ll benefit from my articles enormously, making your home-selling experience enjoyable.

That’s because in addition to learning how to sell your property quickly and for the best price and terms, you’ll also discover how to do it with the least amount of effort, inconvenience, and stress.

Imagine Having An Almost Normal Life While Your Home Is For Sale!

What went through your mind when you read the above sentence?

Perhaps you said, “Are you kidding! You obviously haven’t sold a house before.”

If you stated that or something similar, I understand your skepticism.

If you’ve sold a property in the past, whether through an agent or on your own, or if your present home has been for sale for even just a few weeks, the home-selling process has probably disrupted your family’s life tremendously. Are You Sick Of Cleaning Your Place Every Day Before Going To Work And On The Weekends? Cleaning and tidying your property constantly can be exhausting for you and your family members, especially if you have young children or pets.

Being ready to show your house during dinner time and on the weekends can produce a lot of stress for you and your loved ones.

Cooking and eating only foods that have no strong odor might have taken away one of your greatest pleasures.

Being forced to smoke outside, even on a wet or snowy day, may have made you feel like you’re in a prison.

If you have a baby, you probably hope you won’t receive any showing requests during his or her nap times.

What’s worse than spending hours cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and polishing every inch in your house for a showing is when the prospects leave after being in your place for only a few minutes, claiming they didn’t like the layout or some other aspects of it.

On weekends, you and your loved ones are often forced to leave your home for several hours so your agent can conduct an open house. You hope and pray the event will bring a serious and qualified purchaser so you won’t have to go through this frustrating process again the next weekend.

How many times has your life been interrupted by a sudden viewing request?

How many people have knocked on your door, wanting to look at your house, while your family was having dinner or entertaining guests?

How many times have you and your spouse wished you wouldn’t have to sell your property so you could live a normal life again?

Too many times, right?

If so, I have fabulous news for you…

In my series of articles, you’ll discover THE revolutionary way for selling real estate in the new decade, causing the LEAST amount of hassle to you and your family. Reading it will be one of the most profitable activities you’ll ever do.

If the real estate market is hot in your area right now and you think your property will sell quickly and for a great price, imagine how fantastic you’ll feel when you know you have obtained the best possible price and terms.

Best of all, you’ll get to enjoy an almost regular life while it’s on the market.