How to Make Sure the Garden of Any House for Sale Gives Positive First Impressions to the Buyer

How to Make Sure the Garden of Any House for Sale Gives Positive First Impressions to the BuyerWhen viewing a house with the possibility of buying it the garden, and most importantly the lawn, affects final decisions enormously. An unkempt lawn, obviously in need of a mow, is a real disadvantage and can send out vibes that perhaps the house is also in need of TLC. By owning an automatic lawnmower having an uncut lawn need never happen again. This robot will cut the lawn as often as is needed by simply programming the computer which is within the casing of the mower.

If it is your house being sold and the new owners insist on cutting lawns with petrol mowers you can take the automatic lawnmower with you to your new house and once again have a pristine lawn with no input of human effort. The charging station must also be taken to the new home and installed in the garden. The wire at the old house can be left as it will not be visible having grown into the soil. Just buy a new reel of wire, lay it around the new lawn and the automatic mower will be off cutting again.

At this point I would like to ask whether you could persuade the buyers of your old home to change from their non-green habits and buy your in situ automatic system for themselves. The reason for trying to change them from mowing with a petrol mower is that these machines are among the worst polluters of emissions in a domestic situation. If the buyer cares for the planet he might well change his ways and buy the mowing system already installed, especially when he sees a beautiful lawn, no grass heap anywhere and the thought of time to do other activities than lawn mowing.

If your robot and its accessories were to stay put at your old home you could start all over again with a new automatic lawnmowing system and would have a state-of-the-art model. Also, as there are many different sized robot mowers, another model might be better for the new garden.

But first you have got to sell the old home. Even if you have not already got one there is nothing to lose in buying a robot mower the minute you decide on moving. In a few weeks the lawn will improve greatly. However bumpy it is cutting by a robot will ensure it is not patchy – scalped and pale where it is high and dark with longer grass in the dips. This is because the automatic mower is so small it will travel into the dips and from the window the lawn will look level even if it isn’t! Also over time the clippings will act as nutrients for the lawn to make it a lovely dark green. These clippings will not be seen as the automatic mower cuts off such tiny lengths of grass each time that nothing will get onto shoes and be tramped into the house. Also there will never be a rotting heap of grass to deal with. The robot mower eliminates all hassle from having the most beautiful lawn in the district.

By having an automatic lawnmower cutting the lawn there won’t be any reason to lower the selling price because “the lawn is a mess and needs a fortune to renovate.” The next task is get the coffee brewing and make sure there is also the smell of home baking when a viewer is imminent! And while doing that why not take a look at a video of the robot at work and have it running while the television room is being inspected.