How to Increase Your Homes Price in a New Year

How to Increase Your Homes Price in a New YearThe beginning of a New Year is ideal for real estate. It is the start of goal for many you are interested in finding a new home. Here are some ideas that will help you get your current home prepared for the real estate market in a New Year.

Retouch the shell If your house does not look good on the outside, nobody will want to see the remodeling you have done on the inside. The outside of your house is the most important area you could improve, for the least amount of money. Just touching up the paint on the outside could make the house look more inviting, and that’s what home buyers want to see and feel. People can tell by the way the outside of the house looks, if the house is going to be right for them or not.

Landscaping Keeping the grass cut, making sure the plants look good, and keeping the bushes trimmed attracts home buyers as well. You can either do it yourself, or hire a professional to do it for you. The one thing that home buyers hate to see when they pull up at a house for sale, is seeing the landscaping covering up the house. So keep the yard in tip top shape.

Touch up the Paint on the Inside Putting on a fresh coat of paint to the interior of your house is another way to please the potential home buyers, and it does not cost that much. You should not go crazy when choosing the color for your walls. You should be conservative to please the home buyers. Your favorite color may not be their favorite color. Go for a fresh and crisp look. You are much better off using neutral colors. More importantly that the color, is the condition of the paint, so always get fresh paint.

Floors Making sure that the floors in your home is a great move for home sellers. This doesn’t mean that you have to go out and replace the floors altogether. If you have hardwood floors, be sure that they have been buffed and polished. If you have carpet, be sure that the carpet has been cleaned very well.

Major Repairs With today’s prices, home buyers will not have enough money to take care of the major repairs once they have made their down payment. So you will want to do this yourself, or hire a professional. Do things like fix the steps, or fix the roof. You may want to have a home inspector come out to your house just in case you have any questions about what you are trying to fix

Warranties Putting your appliances under a warranty gives the home buyers more confidence. You can get a home warranty from many different firms, which covers the cost to repair or replace a lot of your appliances.

Light Fixtures Another low cost way to add value to your home is to replace broken or old light fixtures. Putting in a nice new light fixture in the foyer is a great way to make a good first impression on the home buyer. If you create an inviting atmosphere, the home buyers will want to see the rest of the house.

New Stove Many people think that the only way to make their kitchen look better is to fully remodel it. But putting in a brand new stove is a less costly way to add flair to your kitchen and to draw people in. Most people think that you have to spend a lot of money to replace the stove, or any appliance in your kitchen. This is not true, in fact you can get a great looking stove for under $1000.

Bathrooms Another way to make your home more appealing is to clean your bathrooms. Be sure to get all the mildew stains. Mildew stains make people think that you have not taken care of your home. It may also make them think they will have to dump in a lot of money to fix it up. So clean your bathrooms, as well as the rest of the house.