How to Increase Value in Your Home For a Quicker Sale

How to Increase Value in Your Home For a Quicker SaleIf you want to know how to move your home faster, do the obvious… ask a real estate agent. These people are experts at knowing what prospective buyers like to see in their potential new home.

Things are tight right now in the real estate market when you’re on the selling end. I have a family member who works for one of the top real estate agencies around, so I asked her what the average homeowner can do to raise the value of their home. Here are some professional tips that may entice those interested in your home to take a bite of the proverbial dangling real estate carrot.

According To The Advice Of My Sister The Real Estate Agent:

– Make your home ready to be shown at a moments notice and keep it that way at all times. This means living in a spotless and totally uncluttered environment that can be shown to a prospective buyer at a moment’s notice.

– Make your lawn look its best. A well cared for lawn tells prospective buyers that the home is well cared for as well. It is the best first impression. Keep your lawn manicured and weed-free. Enhancing the visual appeal can help set the stage for a quicker sale.

– Fix the small stuff outside. Small things, like a stained driveway or a rusty old mailbox can stand out and grab the buyers attention, taking away from the more positive aspects of your home. Spending a little money to replace it will make the home look better overall. Buyers want a home that has been taken care of.

– Accentuate the positive. That means placing lighting in strategic places of the home, as well as the opposite. Use lighting to make the home not only look brighter, but to accentuate the best looking features. Use less lighting in problem areas such as the laundry room or the workshop.

– Clean the bathtub and shower head, and replace the toilet seats. It is suggested that prospective buyers actually look at the bathtub. Is it free of rust and rings? Does the shower head have hard water buildup blocking the water flow? Replace the toilet seats to give the impression that you are a stickler for upkeep.

– Paint your heart out. Nothing adds immediate value to a home better than a fresh coat of paint. Making your home standout also helps it sell faster.

– Keep food preparation and storage areas spotless at all times. Rearrange the storage pantry so that large items are behind small items. Make sure the appliances are clean and in good working order. Replace any peeling wallpaper and make sure the grout is up to date and clean.

– Make the home look inviting. If you are expecting a buyer, light a lightly scented candle just before they arrive.

Follow these tips to enhance the value of your home and lead to a quicker sale.