Guide to Selling Your House

Guide to Selling Your HouseIt is highly possible that you can sell your house on your own but the process takes up a lot of time and a lot of emotional strength. The usual recommendation is that you list with a real estate agent but if the market is right you are better off saving the commission and doing the sale on your own. If you are willing to try this out, here are some things that might help you succeed and avoid making mistakes.

You need to know how houses are valued. This is not about what you think you should get for it or how much work you have put into the house. The value is only equal to what potential buyers are willing to pay for it. Find out what other similar houses are being bought for prior to settling on a price.

Be as objective as you can be. Ask your honest friends to go through your home with you. They might be able to spot problems that you did not recognize at first.

Create a plan. What do people in your home have to say when they answer the phone and someone is inquiring? Where do you do the closing transaction? Do you need a lawyer to prepare the documents? Plan wisely and execute it smoothly.

Create a list of what has to be cleaned, repaired, removed, or changed. Begin with the things that are the most obvious.

Start preparations to sell. Think of questions that buyers might ask you and think of the answers. Create comparison sheets that will show other houses for sale so that buyers can do a price comparison. Create a map showing the stores and libraries close to the home.

Instead of selling the house’s features, sell its benefits. Rather than saying that the house is close to stores, say that the buyer can reach the store in as little as five minutes. Instead of saying you have a garage, say that they will never have to chip ice from the windshield each morning.

Place the necessary information in all your ads. Disclose how many bedrooms and bathrooms you have. How many square feet does the house occupy? What is your address, phone number, and asking price? If you take out the price, you will not get many calls.

Listen to what buyers are selling. Accept criticisms and fix them instead of getting all defensive.