Foreclosures Negatively Affecting Temecula Neighborhoods?

Foreclosures Negatively Affecting Temecula Neighborhoods?It is a well known that fact that as the amount of foreclosures rise, so does crime and vandalism. Why is this, and is it happening to us?

Well Temecula and Murrieta have always been very clean cities. Low crime, high grades. This could possibly change in the future if foreclosures in our community keep hitting all time highs. We are a part of Riverside County and Riverside has the 5th highest rate for foreclosures in the country.

Foreclosure rates rising in a city means that there will be more vacant houses, which could lead to more vandalism. As soon as these cheap foreclosures are sold at auctions, investors typically buy them. When investors buy these foreclosures they usually rent them out. What we are noticing in the Temecula Valley is that investors from all over the country are buying up our houses and renting them out. We are going from a community of owner-occupied homes to tenant-occupied homes. This will only negatively effect our communities are renters typically do not treat the homes as owner’s would.

Temecula Homes prices are on the rise. Are these foreclosures going to affect our cities in a very negative way?

What can we do about this trend?

Try and get it over with as quickly as possible. We need to get housing inventory moving and out of the way. Price have to start recovering and we need to push investors out of the Temecula-Murrieta market place. Temecula Homes For Sale need to decrease and we as consumers, need to focus on keeping up our community and working together.

Temecula Valley is and will stay one of the nicest places to live in Southern California.