Find Top Rated Schools When Renting Apartments in Washington, DC

Find Top Rated Schools When Renting Apartments in Washington, DCUnlike moving to other cities, many parents are not as concerned about whether the Washington, DC apartments they are interested in renting are near the best schools. This is because, unfortunately, the public school system in Washington, DC is not the best and most parents opt to send their children to private schools. If you cannot afford a private school, however, another option is one of the many charter schools in the area. It is not based on where you live geographically. However, it can be quite competitive to get into one of these schools.

Like other major cities (for example, New York City), even the preschools in Washington, DC are quite competitive. For example, the Washington Yu Ying PCS is a charter school for prekindergarten through first grade. They really focus on education from the very beginning, as opposed to some public preschools that just have nothing more than structured playtime. Another popular preschool option is the Montessori School of Washington, which like the whole gambit of Montessori schools has a very structured curriculum.

One popular grade school is the Cornerstone Schools of Washington, DC. It is a kindergarten through eighth grade school that is coed and religious based. It is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International. However, if you are not into sending your children to a Christian school, another option is the Sidwell Friends School. If that sounds familiar, it is because that is where the children of President Obama go to school. It is also private and coed, but is affiliated with the Quakers.

As far as high schools go in Washington, DC, there are many options if you are looking for something specialized and unique for your children. Many parents prefer not to have their kids study just the ordinary college preparatory coursework and would rather they have something more specific. For example, the Washington Mathematics Science Technology School provides students with a curriculum that has a heavy emphasis on math and technology. Given the way that America is moving more and more to a technology based country, these are smart things to have your child learn.

Another specialized high school is the Washington International School, which is attended by many children who have parents from other countries who are in the United States for work. For example, many children of diplomats and ambassadors attend this school. It offers a very expansive curriculum that is great for any teenager. If you are an international family and are looking for a great school for your child, this is a good choice. Most likely the curriculum will match whatever other school your child may have attended, provided it was also an international school. This ensures that the child will always be learning something new and won’t fall behind.

Finding Washington, DC apartments for rent will be a lot easier than the search for a good school for your children. It can be a very complicated and competitive process, but of course it will be worth it to find the best school for your children.