Need Tips for Selling Your Home?

Need Tips for Selling Your Home?Realtors who have survived the worst of the housing market crisis have some practical tips for selling your home faster. After seeing some clients sell their homes quickly, while others wondered what they were doing wrong, you would begin to see some patterns. There were some very specific things that some homeowners did differently, and they proved to be highly effective.

Everyone is on a tight budget these days, and unless they are sure it will increase the sale price, most people find it is impractical to make major improvements to a home that is for sale.

However, it seems that if you want to sell your home in a hurry, bathroom renovations are one of the most cost-effective ways to bring buyers to the table. Even if your funds are limited, you can follow these tips for selling your home: Freshen up your bathrooms inexpensively with a little “sweat” equity. This may include steaming off old wallpaper, sanding, repainting, and perhaps adding a colorful border and coordinating towels. You may also want to consider replacing the vanity and toilet, especially if they are outdated or noticeably stained. Clean water-stained shower doors with CLR (a lime-dissolving detergent) or retain a professional bathtub installer to install a new tub surround. As a finishing touch, you may want to place some brand new tightly rolled wash cloths in a basket, and clear the counter of all personal items.

None of these improvements are particularly expensive, but they will make a lasting impression with potential buyers and help bring in offers on your home for sale.


There are at least three tips for selling your home faster, even at a time of sluggish economy. First is freshen up your bathroom with a little sweat equity. Second, consider replacing your vanity and toilet especially if they are outdated. And third, place some brand new tightly rolled washcloths in a basket and clear the counter of all personal items.