Costs When Selling Your Home

Costs When Selling Your HomeWhen selling your house you would think that cash is coming your way in bundles but once you’ve have decided to put the humble abode on the market you actually have to spend some well earned cash in order to get that sale.

So what are the costs involved in selling you home? There are a few things that you need to do such as, getting your property out there for all to see and once the punters come knocking that you have your paper work in order and all is above board. So exactly am I talking about? Valuer’s report 127 – 200 euros. Surveyor’s Report 300 – 500 euros. Some say that this is not completely necessary but a surveyor report is very attractive to potential buyers. Building Energy Rating Cert 200 – 350 euros. All properties for sale in Ireland now have to have a Building Energy Certificate, so if you don’t have one, you’ll have to get one. Estate Agent fees – These vary per agent, so it is an important question to ask when choosing your realtor Advertising – You need a sale board to put outside your house. There are many ways to advertise such as, brochures and online. Depending on your house, budget and how quickly you want that sale, it’s hard to pin down a cost! But the more advertising you do, the bigger audience you will reach!

Whatever you do, shop around to get the best price and value for money. It is important to factor in all the costs when selling a house. Find our more information on selling your house