International Buyers – American Real Estate

International Buyers - American Real EstateAn ample amount of international business is waiting tp be tapped in to for real estate sales professionals. A recent U. S. Census Bureau Population Survey, shows that over 9% (nine percent) of U. S. population were born in a foreign country and now reside in the United States. Nearly half of these people live in the Western States. According to a National Association of Realtors, one out of every five dollars Continue reading

Receive Fast Cash For Your Home

Receive Fast Cash For Your HomeIn our day and time there are many solutions to almost any problem you may be facing if only you take time to look far and wide for such solutions. When one buys a house they usually intend to keep it as a home forever, not unless of course they want to relocate and move to a better one for any reasons they may be having. However there are circumstances that come upon people and they are forced Continue reading

Foreclosures Negatively Affecting Temecula Neighborhoods?

Foreclosures Negatively Affecting Temecula Neighborhoods?It is a well known that fact that as the amount of foreclosures rise, so does crime and vandalism. Why is this, and is it happening to us?

Well Temecula and Murrieta have always been very clean cities. Low crime, high grades. This could possibly change in the future if foreclosures in our community keep hitting all time highs. We are a part of Riverside County and Riverside has the 5th highest rate for foreclosures Continue reading

Online Home Appraisal Tool – How to Use These Tools to Save Money!

Online Home Appraisal Tool - How to Use These Tools to Save Money!Online home appraisal tools can save you time and money when selling or buying a house. Selling a home is difficult in this real estate market and you need as many tools and tips as possible to help sell your home fast for top dollar. If you a buying a home these tools can help you save money and get a bargain.

First, online home appraisal tools can be found on a few websites. Continue reading

Lower Prices Start Driving Multiple Offers As Real Estate Markets Turn Hot!

Lower Prices Start Driving Multiple Offers As Real Estate Markets Turn Hot!All the numbers are headed upward: pending sales up; sales up; visits to open houses up. But to every Ying, there is a Yang – and in the real estate world, the Yang is inventory, prices and interest rates. The numbers that are down are the reason the sales are up – prices and inventory have both dropped to their lowest levels in years. In addition, interest rates are hitting NEW historic lows around 5 percent.

In predicting Continue reading

Sell Your Home Fast – Tips to Help Sell Your Home Quickly

Sell Your Home Fast - Tips to Help Sell Your Home QuicklyEveryone wants to sell their home fast but in a stagnant or declining housing market many people think there is just no way to sell your home quickly. But, is there? Homes are being bought and sold every day. Yes, many homes stay on the market for months before they are sold but if homes are being sold in your area, you may be able to move your home to the front of the line with a few tips.

Shop Continue reading

Home Upkeep Basics For Sellers

Home Upkeep Basics For SellersIf you own a home, even a very nice one, which you are trying to sell, it is always important to do regular upkeep. This prevents you from having to do a rush job of last-minute maintenance when the time comes to show your house to a prospective buyer.

And no, you do not need to do things that are best left to a contractor. (Those are best left-you guessed it, Einstein-to a contractor!) In all seriousness, Continue reading