Apartments in Tuscaloosa – Three Current Tuscaloosa Apartments Reviewed

Apartments in Tuscaloosa - Three Current Tuscaloosa Apartments ReviewedIn the previous article we reviewed four older Tuscaloosa apartments. Now, let’s move on to some current apartments in the market.

Court Woods Apartments is a nice walk or drive from the nearby universities and college campuses. Developed by Delview properties, it is located in 1600 Veterans Memorial Parkway Tuscaloosa Al. A nearby shopping malls make it a great locale for students and single folk. The rooms are generous with a bath and a half number, a nice courtyard and a spacious patio – a one bedroom suite will run around $765 a month.

Yorktown Commons Apartments is a very well managed and well kept cluster located in 1625 Hargrove Road East. Occupants give this place a resounding 5 stars for overall quality of life there – big rooms, a great manager, well kept grounds and a great pool. It is located near other apartments like Willow Trace and Woods Apartments.

Great one-bedroom apartments abound in Aspen Village Apartments. This great place is located at 2201 48th street Tuscaloosa. If you like the quiet and relaxed weekend life this is the place to stay. It’s off-campus with absolutely nothing to bother you. Folks complain though about the cell phone signals which can be quirky in this nick of the woods.

These three budget apartments are all located near colleges, supermarkets and small malls. They have a predominantly a student-based populace. So, if your young and in college, we suggest these three Tuscaloosa apartments.

Our succeeding articles will feature more reviews of Tuscaloosa Apartments so come back for more!