A Different Way to Sell Your Property

A Different Way to Sell Your PropertyWe all know how stressful selling a house can be and we also know just how discerning the buyer can be these days. Thanks to the recent era of property boom anyone who owns a TV can’t have missed the profuse amount of programmes that either amplify how good your property has to look to be bought or how a run down property poses as a great investment opportunity.

The perception is that unless your property is at the top of its class you are in trouble. But just how many of us have a house that boasts state of the art furniture, world class craftsmanship and a finish equalling perfection? Most of us have humble homes we have lovingly cared for and done up gradually over time, money permitting and talent restricting. So what happens when we want to sell that home? Traditionally, an estate agent would come round, nick pick at decor, mumble something about competition and a need for modernisation, take photos, offer a valuation which is frequently under par, trot off in their shiny pin stripe suit and promise to market and sell your home. Months can pass and nothing. Stress levels rise and tension descends upon you and your whole family. Your trusted estate agent, who will receive a high percentage of commission, seems to be in endless meetings every time you call to get an update and you find yourself in a state of transition.

Fortunately, traditional ways of selling your home have had to (reluctantly) step aside for whole new opportunities to open up. From selling privately on YouTube or eBay, to simply exchanging your home with another, there is no longer the need to depend on your high street Estate Agent to sell your property for you and what’s more, even traditional auction houses, which continue to offer a great portal to sell your house quickly, have moved online. That’s right. All you need to do to sell your house now, especially if you are after a sale that is quick and binding, is to sit back and watch the bids tot up on the online auction website of your choice, many of which don’t even charge membership fees or demand commission.

This article was written by Tom Sangers on behalf of OPA365 who offer BMV Property with a chance to buy Property Investment Opportunities.