6 Reasons Why You Don’t Need an Agent to Sell Your House

6 Reasons Why You Don't Need an Agent to Sell Your HouseFor homeowners these days there are so many reasons to avoid real estate agents and look for other ways to sell their houses.

If you cut out all agents… you would essentially cut out on average about 3% commission, which on a $450,000 home in Sydney, that’s about $13,500 of savings.

But despite this huge potential savings, many home sellers – especially in today’s tough housing market – feel that a real estate agent’s expertise is essential.

Here are six reasons why homeowners don’t need agents to sell their homes:

1. Just upload and click: With the increase of online real estate listing websites, homeowners are no longer restricted to real estate agents for the resources and information they need to sell their property. The Internet has essentially changed the face of real estate and it’s basically levelled out the playing field across the market.

2. You can do your own marketing: With the emergence of online websites designed specifically to market the houses for sale – homeowners no longer need agents to get their property in front of prospective buyers. Most agents leverage the multiple listings as their primary marketing tool but these days anyone can access that if they want to pay for it.

3. Agents aren’t valuers: House valuers are the key to getting an accurate valuation of your home. An agent is going to give you their perspective based on what they are seeing but they have no true professional training in that aspect. Home sellers working without an agent can obtain the services of a Property Valuer on their own for a couple of hundred dollars.

4. Agents aren’t solicitors: Solicitors and Conveyancers are responsible for ensuring that documents and other legal matters regarding the sale are in good order. Some agents will try to help you with the legal paperwork but they are not legally able to provide that expertise. Always have a legal professional handle the legal aspects of the sale process.

5. What agents can do you can do better: The main service that real estate agents provide is convenience. All of the services they offer – using a Conveyancer, coordinating open homes and so on – can be done by any homeowner willing to put in the effort.

6. You can sell your house without any commission: So you’ve just read all of the above and you might be thinking – sounds good but I just want to sell my home fast without the effort or the real estate agents. Well there’s good news – there are house buying companies all over Australia that can buy your house fast and get you the price you need. You can avoid real estate agents, the hassle of selling your house yourself and get the result you want.