5 Tips on Staging Your Home in Today’s Competitive Market

5 Tips on Staging Your Home in Today's Competitive MarketHome staging can be done with or without the use of a real estate agent. You need to decide if you are capable of doing it alone. If not, it’s advisable that you use a real estate agent who will have your home listed in multiple listing services. This will enable other real estate agents know of it hence improving the chances of selling it faster. If you decide to use a real estate agent, get the right one. Put in place the right marketing plan with the help of your chosen agent.

Research on the current pricing oh homes in your location before staging yours. Your agent should research on acceptable price by looking at the size, features and location of the house and then come up with an acceptable pricing which reflects the actual market condition. Let your agent prepare a professionally looking sheet outlining the features of the house and have it listed online.

Many homes are sold through word of mouth. Inform all your close family members, friends and neighbors of your intention to sell. You may consider taking them round the house for a tour. Request them to assist in finding a buyer. But you need to be cautious before showing your house to potential buyers. Do the necessary repairs first. Remove unnecessary furniture. Let the rooms remain spacious. It may help if you paint the walls and clean the windows. Weeding the flowers and keeping them well trimmed will increase their appeal. By staging your home professionally, you will reduce the sale time consider.

When everything is ready, you can place a “For Sale” sign in a visible place within the compound of your well staged home. Have your fact sheet ready as a potential buyer may require it. Encourage your agent to hold open house sessions. This will increase the number of those who will view the property. Since many agents will also be among the viewers, your house will be sold faster. Let your agent have the keys to your house as a buyer may appear within a short time and demand to see the house.

Determine how much you will take off your asking price. Be reasonable enough to know how to deal with multiple offers. Stick to what you consider important. Quote the right amount. Too high price will make selling your house take long period of time than expected. If your house does not attract enough offers, reduce the asking price by some reasonable percentage.

In summary: Home staging requires some effort. Buyers will be attracted by a good looking home. By doing the required repairs and adopting the right marketing plan coupled with the right pricing, you will have staged your home well hence you can sell faster.