3 Condo Hunting Tips

3 Condo Hunting TipsRenting or buying a condo is a serious decision and proper preparations should be taken to ensure you get an apartment you love at a price you can afford. There is a process and a system for finding the right condo for you. It not only has to fit your desired location but it must be affordable and usable. Many people hunt for months trying to find just the right condo. Some succeed fabulously and some fail miserably. Here are 3 apartment hunting tips that you absolutely must keep in mind if you hope to sort through and find a prime condo.

Let Someone Else Do the Work for You

If you have a bit of extra money and some time…let someone else do the work for you. Brokers are the absolute best source of information and help in finding condos. It is what they do for a living and they are good at it. It is going to cost you though. They will get a commission.

When finding a broker go to the neighborhood you would ideally like to find your future condo. That broker will know the area and know what you are going to get for your money. It will save you time. You will tell the broker what you want in a condo. He or she will then set to work trying to match your dollar amount with what you want and what is reality. Be flexible and you could very likely wind up with a condo in the area that you want.

Be Flexible

Regardless if you hire a broker or not…you need to be flexible. Most people cannot afford a four bedroom condo in a big city on a median salary. So be flexible and realistic. You may have an ideal neighborhood in mind but also be open to other adjacent neighborhoods, and be sure to research transportation options in the area including bus, subway, and car parking. The more flexibility you have in location, the more you can get for your money.

Speaking of money…think about what you really need in a condo and what you can live without. One of the best apartment hunting tips you will ever get is to think outside the box. If you do not cook then do not worry about having a spacious kitchen. You would want a condo that was near your favorite restaurants. Think about what you truly need in a condo and then go from there.

Roommates Can be a Blessing or a Curse

As your final apartment hunting tip consider roommates. Many individuals seek out condos and realize that they do need help paying the rent each month. So they get a roommate. That can be both a blessing and a curse. If you can afford to not have a roommate…skip it. That is someone else on the lease that may or may not be responsible. Yes, that does sound harsh but so too is having to cough up the entire rent payment. If you follow the first two tips then the third tip is a moot point. You will be able to find a place you love, at a price you can afford. Take your time trying to find the right place and think carefully about what you do want in an apartment.