International Buyers – American Real Estate

International Buyers - American Real EstateAn ample amount of international business is waiting tp be tapped in to for real estate sales professionals. A recent U. S. Census Bureau Population Survey, shows that over 9% (nine percent) of U. S. population were born in a foreign country and now reside in the United States. Nearly half of these people live in the Western States. According to a National Association of Realtors, one out of every five dollars Continue reading

Should Landlords Use Automated Rent Collection?

Should Landlords Use Automated Rent Collection?A lot of things have gone electronic over the years as the internet has become more secure and safe. More than 80% of car loans and mortgages are paid electronically and a great deal of people shop online using their credit card. Surprisingly, most landlords continue to collect tenant checks as less than 5% of rents are collected electronically.

As with most things in life, Continue reading

Receive Fast Cash For Your Home

Receive Fast Cash For Your HomeIn our day and time there are many solutions to almost any problem you may be facing if only you take time to look far and wide for such solutions. When one buys a house they usually intend to keep it as a home forever, not unless of course they want to relocate and move to a better one for any reasons they may be having. However there are circumstances that come upon people and they are forced Continue reading

Find Top Rated Schools When Renting Apartments in Washington, DC

Find Top Rated Schools When Renting Apartments in Washington, DCUnlike moving to other cities, many parents are not as concerned about whether the Washington, DC apartments they are interested in renting are near the best schools. This is because, unfortunately, the public school system in Washington, DC is not the best and most parents opt to send their children to private schools. If you cannot afford a private school, however, another option is one of the many Continue reading

Foreclosures Negatively Affecting Temecula Neighborhoods?

Foreclosures Negatively Affecting Temecula Neighborhoods?It is a well known that fact that as the amount of foreclosures rise, so does crime and vandalism. Why is this, and is it happening to us?

Well Temecula and Murrieta have always been very clean cities. Low crime, high grades. This could possibly change in the future if foreclosures in our community keep hitting all time highs. We are a part of Riverside County and Riverside has the 5th highest rate for foreclosures Continue reading

The Neighbors

The NeighborsHow does the saying go? Yes, neighborly love, that’s it. Or is it brotherly love? It doesn’t matter. Most of the time, neighbors get along with each other and there aren’t any problems. Some people are made for apartment life, they like the close proximity of others. For others, it’s not quite as enjoyable. The fact people are so close to each other can of course exasperate Continue reading

How to Save Upfront Costs As a Renter

How to Save Upfront Costs As a RenterIf you are looking for a new place to live, one of the huge problems are the upfront costs. When you have deposits for the apartment plus deposits for the utilities, it can become a huge problem especially if you do not have a lot of money saved up for your move. Things happen at times suddenly and you need a new place but don’t have much cash. I may be in that situation soon; I may need Continue reading